Monday, September 26, 2011

Behind-the-Scenes Photos from the Nina Bouphasavanh Photo Shoot

Sunday, the 25th was a big and exciting day for STYL as well as myself.  Thanks to Kevin Kamin of Studio Gata, we had the opportunity to style for owner/found of Phavanna Media, Nina Bouphasavanh, in celebration of her 30th year.
She was absolutely a gem to work with! Over all, we had so much fun being a part of this. The crew, in which consisted of, the Krystyana who was the Make-up/Hair-stylist, Kevin as the photographer, and his assistant Erin, were all great! 

Here a few behind-the-scene photo's that were taken while at the shoot. STYL and I cannot wait to see the finalize photographs! 


Client: Nina Bouphasavanh
Photographer: Kevin Kamin
MUA: Kystyana
Wardrobe Stylists: Alex Kelm & Mary Vang
Items borrowed from: Off SAKS Fifth Avenue, Betsy Bennis Jewelry & Suzanne Simmalavong
Behind-the-Scenes photo taken by: Lisa Lynn (STYL Blogger), Alex Kelm and Mary Vang





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