Friday, February 25, 2011

Quick Update from Milan

Yes, I am in Milan,Italy for the meanwhile til this Sunday.
Today marks the second day i’ve been here and so far I am absolutely LOVING this city! I almost feel as if i’m loving it more than Paris, haha. But they’re both amazing and beautiful in their own ways.
Since I haven’t been blogging and keeping my fellow viewers up to date of me,myself, my life, I thought I post up my most recent picture of myself that I took before I left to Milan, which was two days ago.
Cheesy, and not the best of myself, but it’ll do and I guess i’m pretty content with it. Just had to mess my hair up a lil bit (which, it still looks a tad bit straight, eh?)
Anyways, today has been long, exhausting, day. Got to tour a little bit of Milan. Gosh, I can’t even describe how eye-candy everything is; i mean, the displays, the architecture, the art, the fashion…absolutely EVERYTHING. It’s as wonderful as Paris, I tell ya. I visited this modeling agency called Bandits. The owner/manager was super cool and so down-to-earth. I learned so much just hearing what he had to say and tell us all about the modeling industry. It was truly interesting. After that, we visited the Instituto Marangoni, a Fashion school, that is located in Milan itself, Paris & London. I really, really, really, like the school. It kind of reminded of the Art Institutes, the school that I attend, but then again, it can’t even compare! Instituto Marangoni is a fashion school that offers programs such as fashion business, styling, promotion and advertising, graphics, photography, design, and etc. I really want to study there one day and the all the professors who I got to listen to are just so damn knowledgeable and bright in their profession. I feel like I can learn a ton from that! I am also surprised at how many Asians I saw, too, whereas in Paris, I feel like I don’t see that many of them….
But yeah….today was a great day, overall. It feels nice to be back at the awesome hotel room, relax, and just listen to slow jams. I miss my fellow peeps back at home; my family, my friends, and my boyfriend. You all are always in my thoughts <3


Friday, February 18, 2011

Strap me dowwwnnnn.

Artistic, creative, “WHOA” —- something I haven’t seen. Who was the designer/creative director behind this, is an absolute visionary <3

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do you dare to be kind of bare?

Sheer fabric remains one of hottest fashion trends for 2010 and 2011, and plenty of people are wearing it. I love sheer for one reason: it brings out the confidence and sexiness out of you; however, only if you wear it right. Sheer has been incorporated into tops, dresses, swimsuits, and more! Many designers featured loose, sheer fabrics in their designs for this spring, but now the trend has officially hit the mainstream - i've noticed sheer pieces appearing in fancy restaurants, clubs, on the streets, and of course,even a few a blouses are hanged up in my closet ;)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Wide-Leg Pants Trend

Wide-leg pants have been a fashion staple that many women used on a variety of occasions regardless of whether they were a dominant trend or not. Now with the strong inspiration from the 70s, they have become one of the must have fashion items for spring/summer 2011.
But while the wide-leg may not become your new wardrobe staple just yet, don't overlook it as an elegant, stylish addition to your 2011 repertoire, particularly when styled right.

Dries Van Noten
Monique  Lhuillier
Tommy Hilfiger
Olivia Palermo

Yesterday night my girls & I stayed in on a Friday night. Having nothing to do, we ended up having a ‘Hair Party’. Our Phenomenal Woman, Troyshika, who is oh so talented when it comes to hair, wanted to “corn roll” my hair, so she did. Afterwards, my other girls wanted their hair done, as well.

Here is mine

If I were to shave half of my head, what would you think? Yay or nay?

Lovely Crystal gave me the idea of it….I really would love to do something like that, if only I was brave enough.



We look so silly, don’t we? Lol
 Oh, and afterwards, we tried learning the “Jerk” dance for fun. I gotta be honest, my White girls can move/dance/ and do the Jerk pretty damn well. (;

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5 Spring trends to live for:

You're going to look so good =)

1.) If you're all about 70's fabrics and poppy colors are big time back- without the disco beats and bad hair. 

Gucci, Spring 2011
Halston Heritage dress ($360,

Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet pants ($198,, Lacoste sunglasses ($138)
2.)  If You're into Stripes...these are pieces you'll throw on when you want a sure thing (mix with black,white, or solid brights, done!)
Marc by Marc Jacobs, Spring 2001 

H&M pants ($50, for stores)

3.) If you live in Denim....The idea this season is clean and elegant, as if your holey jeans from high school grew up and got a job.
Mulberry, Spring 2011

Derek Lam dress ($790)

Ann Taylor pants ($88,

4.) If you're feeling daring....Finally! See-through stuff you can wear without a bodyguard. With opaque pieces underneath, it’s sexy but still PG.
Cacharel, Spring 2011 

KAS New York blouse ($120,

 Topshop skirt ($90,

5.) If you're into florals....The technical term for these looks is chinoiserie, which is a fashion-y way of saying “Asian-inspired and hot.” Lots under $100 here!

Vera Wang, Spring 2011
Patterson J. Kincaid dress ($198,

DKNY skirt ($295, select DKNY stores)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Double the Knuckles

Current obsession? Double fingered Rings.

The must-have and hottest trend for accessories, I say. What was once considered strictly urban wear (80s Hip-Hop, anyone?) is now mainstreamEver since they came out, i've been completely obsessed with them. I have about more that 6 double fingered rings, and never do I go on a day with out wearing a pair. They're super comfortable, fun to wear, and they make a bold statement. In fact, sometimes I even buy two of the same rings and stack together for a bolder statement. Like any other rings, they come in crazy, unique, and fun designs. I had some time in my free time and decided to make a collage of double finger rings that are all under $20.00! Get yours now :) You definitely can't go wrong with rings, especially the double fingered rings. So What do you think? Have you embraced the two-finger ring trend? How long do you think this phenomenon will last?

Amsterdam Mini-Vacay Recap

Hi followers, bloggers, and viewers, 
So i've been MIA & I apologize for not keeping you up to date with my posts, but i'm finally back to posting. It's been pretty crazy for me. Of course not to the extreme, but just been feeling super busy for some reasons. I had a mini vacation with some of my girlfriends to Amsterdam, and although the weather was quite cold, I had a great time while I was there. Amsterdam is an interesting city. There's quite a few cool museums to visit, such as the Wax, the Heinekein Brewery, Vodka, Anne Frank & Vincent Van Gogh. I only saw the Anne Frank Huis & Vincent Van Gogh. They were both phenomenal. Anne Frank was absolutely amazing and truly inspiring; 45 minutes of waiting was definitely worth it! 
Though I got to see some awesome places, I was totally eager to come back home to Paris. Over the weekend, we stayed in a Hostile. It was....interesting. We later joined with two other men the second night....the other 8 girls who were in the room with us were pretty rowdy. But at least I can say I got to experience that, right? Lol. 
Sometimes I wonder how people can even live there or study school there. It seems more like a "visiting" place then one where you can actually live or reside in. Maybe it's because I was in a more touristy area? But still, I'm glad Amsterdam was 3 days. I missed being in a clean environment. 
Hello, from Amsterdam :)