Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Style Slored

New post of myself :)
Taken a few days ago by the wonderful Creative director of Secrets Fashion Agency, Melinda Guajardo
You can check out more of her work at her blog: . Support & follow! :) As you can see, my evening afternoon outfit is very simple and no accessories. 
Shirt is from Barcelona, Spain Pull & Bear shop. White tiered skirt: Gap. Black tights: Target. And my peeped toed patent heels, which you cannot see, Charlotte Russe. 


I Love this color block look. Simplistic and yet, so chic. I especially love that pop of turquoise. Adds a little bit of electric coolness to the look <3 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fall 2011's Must Have Accessory: A Puppy?

It is the puppies and not the models who steal the spotlight, don't you agree? 
Aside from being a huge fashion photography fan, I'm an animal lover, and when the two come together I kind of freak out. So, while browsing on the web today, I came across a few ad campaigns for the season of Fall 2011 featuring adorable pups. Depending what kind of animal it is, I just think they are the most adorable accessory on earth to accompany an outfit :)  
Three of my favorite fall ads so far—Stefanel featuring Daria Werbowy, Mulberry with Julia Saner and Louis Vuitton starring Daphne Groeneveld and Anais Pouliot—not only feature some seriously covetable fall clothing, but also some adorable dogs. Yes, the ads are supposed to sell us on the clothes, but all I can think about is heading to the nearest pet shop to adopt a pup. Is it bad that I rather run out and buy a Pekingese instead of the new Polly Push Lock Satchel by Mulberry? Probably.

Aside from that, I also wanted to feature SFA's PR Director, Davee Ek with her adorable baby, Charlie, to accompany her on a lovely Tuesday. Honestly, I couldn't get my eyes off of her (yes, it's a female pup with a boy name). Not only is she super adorable, but she add's that cherry-on-top to Davee's outfit. Anyways, I hope you see where i'm going with this. Enjoy! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Longing for Paris

"For about ten minutes I felt slightly odd and isolated, but then I realized i'm my own best company."
- Kelly Cutrone
I miss being lost in a big world; surrounded by strangers - and absolutely not knowing anyone.
I miss the feeling of how everyday was a new adventure; just absolutely so much to see, explore, and do.
I miss the feeling of being lost & not knowing where i'm going - no one to stop me from where I wanted to go.
I miss Eiffel Tower and how it sparkles oh so marvelously at night.
I miss being able to feel the passion of the workers.
I miss the culture and the language.
I miss the feeling of being free. 
I miss Nicole and Nesha & Madelaine. 
I simply, miss Paris. 
 At Issey Miyake Homme S/S Fashion show 11/12

At Songzio Homme S/S Fashion show 11/12

With Baptiste Giabicono - Male Face for Chanel, Karl Lagerfield & Fendi

Andre Leon Talley @ Chanel S/S RTW Fashion Show!! ♥


Featured on

Hi Lovelies, 
Today I received a wonderful surprise. I am the Editors pick-of-the-day featured blogger on website, 
It is such an honor have to been picked by the Editor. I want to thank everyone for their support on following my blogs via Bloggers, Blogger and Tumblr! 
It's because of you supporters and followers that i'm still blogging to this day :)
Much love and I appreciate everyone who follows.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chanel Cruise 2012

So finally. FINALLY, I've had the chance to view the Chanel Cruise 2012 fashion show by Karl Lagerfield. 
I've been so busy and overwhelmed with everything going on in life that I haven't had the chance to catch up with news and trends in the fashion industry. Also, I finally watch the Chanel Cruise film, "The Tale of a Fairy" directed by Karl Lagerfield himself. 
So what do I have to say about Fashion show and film? Let's keep it sweet & simple. LOVE it  with a cherry on top of that, as well. 
Lagerfield does it best. His collection showcased beautiful glam gowns, sequins, one-piece bathing suits, flowing skirts, and of course, can't forget, the tweedy jacket. His collection was impeccable and the little extra embellishments and embroideries were flawless. 
As for the film, I definitely enjoyed watching it as well as watching all the pretty people who starred in it doing fancy rich people things, like driving nice cars, throwing parties, gambling, sunbathing, fighting over inheritances and, in Freja's case, doing magic - all while wearing Chanel Cruise 2012, of course. So, if you have the time, the film is definitely worth 25 minutes of your life to watch. 

Chanel Cruise 2012 Part 1

Chanel Cruise 2012 Part 2

It's a long one, but it's worth watching :)


Part 1

Part 2

Photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth. Styled by Leith Clark for Vogue Italia, May 2011.

Alexa Chung, looks so stunning in these photos, yet I can almost feel the intensity. Her style never ceases to amaze me, for somehow, i’m always intrigue by what she wears. In this editorial, her style is slightly darker than usual and is more grown and more chic. BUT, knowing me, I love anything that she wears! :)


The young Pop Star, Justin Beiber launches his first fragrance for Women. Stated in WWD, the scent is meant to appeal to the core of Bieber's fan base. He appreciates and has a deep connection with his fans. So creating this fragrance that he personally loves, is another way he bring them closer to his world (WWD). 

His fragrance bottle looks very much, similar, to Fashion Designer, Marc Jacobs, LOLA bottle.
Certainly, Jacobs agrees. In an interview with WWD, he says, "I look around the room and I look at the work we've done and a quote I always bastardize but I really believe in, is something Chanel said: "He who insists on his own creativity has no memory."

Michael Kors 3 Tips for Women

1st Tip: Figure out what about yourself, you like.
2nd Tip: If you make an investment, ask yourself if you can wear it more than three ways. If yes, as in what Kors says: WORTH IT!