Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Long & Lean

So i've noticed a trend that is really in right now and that is the MAXI dress.
Girls from the streets of Paris to the United States and even seen on Vogue magazine....who knew that wearing long skirts would be so in again? This time, fashionistas are putting a more modern edge to it with a classic twist. Wear it with heels, pair a blazer on top, and accessorize yourself with a belt, and you're good to go! 
I am so on a mission to go look for one, now!! And though, I don't really have much height, i'm definitely going to be paring it with heels or wedges. Maxi dress, here I come! 
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My outfit during the night Ann Demeulmeester & Herme's Homme fashion show. 

Leather Fringe moto jacket, Forest green boyfriend shirt: H&M - Latex leggings: F21 - Black lace up boots: New Look - Accessories: Charlotte Russe 
Sadly, no photos inside from Ann Demeulemeester show ): My camera died & I'm mad at myself for checking the batteries beforehand...however, this is the only shot I got...and OUTSIDE picture.
Later on that night, I headed out with my good girlfriend, Adrienn. We went to hang and chill at the Hermes Homme Fashion show. I saw dear Himsky and his buddy Jacob, once again, the guys I met at John Galliano's show. It was great to see them again ;)
After Hermes, Adrienn & I decided to hit the Latin Corridor to grab a few drinks, eat, and lounge. We got to a cafe and looked at the menu outside....who knew that we happened to be right next to the RAF SIMONS (invitation only) show. It surprised us how we just happened to be there...I wanted to go and keep looking, but Adrienn wanted to stay for a little because she felt like something good was going to happen. And so we stayed longer, chilled outside, people-watch, chit-chatted with Rachel M. who is from London, and whom I had met at the Ann Demeulemeester show. All of sudden, P DIDDY or "DIDDY DIRTY MONEY" comes out of no where and walks to the entrance. My jaw dropped and i'm sure I looked like a dumbass compared to all the other Parisian fashionistas and fashionistos who were outside. Adrien & I were so startstrucked and we both just wanted to scream. We were definitely like frozen statues....I was literally two feet away from him. It was unbelievable. WOW to seeing more than million bucks in front of me! That ended my night, amazingly! <3 
~ Maree 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Galliano Night.

January 21, I attended the John Galliano Homme fashion show, of course not literally being inside, but with hopes of maybe a miracle would happen. Haha. 
Nooopeee, no luck. Which is okay, because I was sort of expecting that to happen. 
And even though, it did, i'm not disappointed (well, maybe a little, but I am so over it), because I always like to attend anyways, just to all the great fashion and trends that people put on. It's pretty outrageous seeing what some people actually wear I tell ya. I got to see the male models get ready for the show, too & that was pretty neat to watch and spy on about ;) Plus, I really like to just people-watch. Every time I go to these kind of events, I always hope to myself that maybe I will see or meet some of my favorite fashion bloggers, such as Fashiontoast, sea of shoes, fashionfever, pandora, etc, or just any one whom I might recognize. 
Randomly, I did meet one though, Himsky Thaib; Lookbooker and twitter king, whom I follow and update with via online. Yeah, totally random. But it was pretty cool. He was super friendly and it was definitely really cool to talk and meet him at the Galliano show. So even though I didn't get to go, nor see, the brilliant John Galliano, I still got to see, some one! ;) 
Himsky & I. 
I am wearing a pastel coloured pink dress with a velvet yoke from that H&M. Coat, got it for Christmas & I never got a chance to ask my Aunt where she got it from. Faux leather bag: H&M. Heels: Rue 21. Stockings, Gap & Neckalace: Charlotte Russe.

Models getting their artsy makeup on.

Galliano show venue. 


Jean-Paul Gaultier ♥

During the same day of attending Issey Miyake's show. Carrie & I decided to check out the Jean-Paul Gaultier's "James Blonde" Men fashion show. Of course, it was pretty crazy and so were the people who were waiting and hoping to get inside to view the show. 
Luckily, Carrie & I were near the front of the line. With feelings of uncertainty if the securities were going to let even any one or just one person, we still kept our hopes. 
After awhile, the securities let Carrie and in, and I was luckily to get into the show, too! I definitely did not expect that at all. We were both so excited and ran upstairs to where the fashion show was the. 
As we got in, it was just starting, so we good thing, we didn't miss out on anything much. 
It was a dream come true, just being able to actually be there to watch and see the man, himself, Jean-Paul Gaultier, walk down the runway, waving to the audience. I didn't take much photos as I wished I did, because my camera was lagging. But I got a few, so here they are. Enjoy! :)


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thierry Mugler goes GAGA

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Lady Gaga's new song that she remixed for the Thierry Mugler Menswear Fashion Show ♥
I love, love, loveee it! ♥
The song was from a track on her new album "Born this Way" which is set to be released in May.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Issey Miyake A/W 2011

I got the opportunity to attend my first Homme Fashion week in Paris, France, which, as you can see, that my title is labeled for Issey Miyake. It was an unbelievable, yet such a wonderful experience for myself as well as all of my other classmates. The best part of all, was seeing the talented Issey Miyake, man himself. No, I didn't get to talk with him personally and introduce myself or what not, but that does not matter at all to me one bit. I got to see him personally, and that was really the best feeling and first highlight of my day! Never did I thought to myself that I would see him ,but I did. I feel super lucky.
 The theme of his show was called "Pen":
What are your thoughts?....quick! Take our your pen and write them down.
The Simple act of taking out a favorite pen from your breast pocket or bag and writing down your thoughts and ideas will never be lost, even in our age of mobile electronic communication. A pen can influence the shape and placement of a pocket, the fabric and the gesture itself. 
The Relationship existing between clothes, people, and their favorite pens is an intimate one.
Issey Miyake Autumn Winter 2011 Collection is one that draws. 

Beautiful as it sounds, and beautifully written? Don't you agree?
When I first got there, the first thing I did was people and trend watch. It's interesting,yet fun, to observe the fashion of what people are wearing. I noticed a lot of ankle boots, dark and bold colours. His male models were outside for a bit smoking and I noticed that the majority of them were wearing leather jackets. A lot of fashion students and bloggers who were there wore chunky scarves, hats, shades, and carried handbags as a  fashion supplement. 
Whether it's from their entire wardrobe and style to their extra supplements, each individual stood out and made a fashion statement of who they are and the style they swag. 

 All images courtesy of: Caleb Shackleford

I had no idea that I was going to be able to go inside and see the show; therefore, I didn't plan on dressing up or at least look nice. 
I was dressed in my green sweats, maroon v-neck T. Supplemented my chunky scarf to keep me warm and topped it off with my leather fringe moto jacket. 
From my opinion, I thought I looked pretty damn scrubby. But apparently, when I got there, and at the end of the day, I was asked to be photographed by a fashion student and a fashion blogger. Yes, I was smitten, but at the same time, I thought to myself  "Why? What's so good about me? I'm dressed in sweats and you want to take a photograph of me?!" Of course, I couldn't say no. Who would!?  ;-)
I guess from my perspective, those who don't "shine" as much, and those who do dress up, but, look wealthy or extravagant in some unique way, are those who stand out the most. I'm not saying that I stood out from the crowd; my intention was neither. I went as ME. The style that I love; urban & street. And after the show I was reward for dressing and simply just being ME. I didn't have to try, and I believe that's what matters to a lot of people. When you're YOU, you shine & they see that. 
Image courtesy of: Troy Shaw 
This is me and what I wore to Issey Miyake's fashion show.
Leather fringe moto jacket: H&M - Chunky cowl scarf: Gap - Maroon Vneck T: F21 -
Green sweats: H&M - Military ankle boots: H&M

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lately. . .

This is what I've been eating/drinking on a daily basis (well of course not wine everyday) but you know what I mean ;) . . .  So yup, living the life in Paris, yet living the life of a conservative/poor international college student. 

Take my Breath Away...

Two nights ago, the girls and I went to go visit the Eiffel tower once again, only this time, to see it at night where the lights shined and at 10:00 PM it sparkles for 10 minutes :) 
I was in heels the whole time we were trying to get there. Absolutely so much walking, switching from metro to metro and walking on the streets of Paris to get to the Eiffel Tower. However, at the end of the day, it was all worth it! As I got there, my jaw dropped and I was feeling completely amused just by staring at it. It’s soooo beautiful at night and I felt like I could stare at it forever. I was speechless and it was absolutely breathtaking! When it Eiffel Tower sparkled, all the girls & I just screamed because it was just so damn cool and amazing! I felt like it was Independence Day or New Years Eve for some odd reason, haha. While I was there, I really just took my time to cherish my moment and experience there, for it was an unforgettable feeling.
~ Mary 

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Love this whole look to the colours. Soft and neutral with a splash of bright orangy-red and bold black clutch for a classic taste. ;)
That’s right, don’t be afraid to play with colours and to mix and match. Fashion is about fearless, confident, and taking that extra step.

PS: Here in Paris, I've notices not a lot of Parisian wear bright colours. Everything in their wardrobe is more dark and toned-down. My assumption is? It is probably the weather, rainy, breezy,cold, gloomy, etc. 

~ Maree

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Clogs and Wedges in textures that comes in ranges of suede to leather. Giving you a soft look or an edgy look. I've noticed a lot of these type of shoes being worn by Parisian fashionistas here in Paris, France. 

~ Maree

Friday, January 14, 2011

Lanvin Spring 2011 Ad Campaign

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Moulin Rouge


~ Maree

Find Yourself

What does it take to hope? Everything. Hope takes never ceasing to be amazed, wearing your soul on your sleeve, holding your breath, waiting to hear “i love you, too.” Believing that tomorrow could be better than today, that you’ll get a second chance, that you’ll make a difference, that you’ll finally be able to stand for something in your life.
~ Maree