Thursday, August 26, 2010

Biaggi's ♥

These are some late pictures from my dear friend Vicki's b-day, that I forgot to post up.
We did a little birthday celebration for her at a friend's house and then headed out 
to this Italian restaurant called, Biaggi's. 
This restaurant is very nice and fancy; I love go to places like this. 
I'm a huge fancy person. 
Indeed, I was very excited to go because I hadn't had Italian food in soooo long!
The food was delicious and sooo full-filling and the prices was not that bad, either.
Overall, I enjoyed dinner with the birthday girl and with some of my great friends.
 One of my fav. dish out there; The Calamari ♥ MmmmMmm

Ended the night off with a few drinks.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

GAP welcomes Fall.

I absolutely LOVE the GAP. And what I love more is our Fall collection 
snippet that just came in about a 2 weeks ago.
It is sooo tempting to not buy the products that my heart 
rushes for. I need to save my money, like, reeeeaallyyy baaad. I've been 
a shopaholic lately, and personally, money has been super tight for me. 
Ahhhh. But so far, the collection is very bold and classic, 
keeping it very GAP Signature. The styles are more to 
be worn around the clock for a day in at the office, to a 
night out with friends. You'll definitely have to come 
see the collection for yourself though and if you do by
any chance -- I hope you like it as much as I. :)
Moving on, on September 28th, we'll be getting more products for 
our Fall collection, and my GM says that it is going to be a 'SURPRISE', 
even, she doesn't have a clue about it. So, i'm really looking forward to the 
28th of September!!

Anyways, I got these photos from the Gap website, and I decided to do a fun collage.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rain & Bold Hues.

Dear August,
You've been raining too much....

Whoot-Whoot for MK! ♥

If I had to choose any fashionista icon, that definitely would have to be Mary-Kate. I grew up adoring and I still adore her now. Her style is timeless, effortless, and even though it's a little dangerous to play with fashion, she dresses up with confidence, and I admire that about her! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the way she dresses. She looks gorgeous in these photos :)

Love her shoes! 

She's gorgeous! She looks so serene and I love her lips! <3 

LOVE the shape of her silhouette! So sharp and powerful.

C O L O U R :) 
And ohhh the antlers, lol. Totally confidence! 

Featured in Marie Claire's SEPTEMBER ISSUE =] 

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Reaching, hoping, grasping onto this opportunity. I can feel it. Just a few more steps and i'm there