Monday, May 30, 2011

Lighter Ring

Check this ring out! :) Isn't it badass!? I absolutely love the design of it. Sadly, I have no idea where it is sold, but perhaps this could be my new mission when I go shopping :) 

1 day later...My awesome friend, Suzanne tweeted me that this rad ring is sold on the website Shopbop! Wonderful! Now I know. BUT oh my lanta, it's $50! Heck, I am not spending $50 for a ring. But for sure, I'm going to keep searching for one like it at a cheaper price. I mean, heck, who doesn't love bargain shopping?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coral & Peaches

My favorite Fashionista & PR Director of SFA, Miss Davee Ek, does it again! Her 'Coral & Peaches' style look - does she not look amazing!? Love the whole ensemble! I'm definitely obsessing over her necklaces ♥ 

Sunset soon Forgotten

Hello ! 
Just wanted to post up a quick photo of thyself. 
It's a sunny, lovely, day today. I should be outside enjoying the weather, or, I should be catching up on my school work. But instead, i've decided that today should be my day to relax. Homework can wait for now...


Blog Feature: Rouge Fox

It's been awhile since i've blogged and I do apologize to my fellow followers and readers on behalf of my lack. 
Work, school and online classes have been keeping me extremely busy and for the past few weeks, I feel as if I haven't had any time to relax at all as well as have some peace and quiet time to myself. 
But today is the day I get to relax and finally have some time on my hands to browse the web, do some online shopping therapy, and catch up with my blog. 

Today, I want to feature Blogger, Ann Nyguen of Rouge Fox. Her blog has become one of my favorites to come to in search for my daily source of inspiration, whether that be fashion, music,or just miscellaneous images...I always find her blog completely interesting and entertaining. No only that, but she shares amazing fashion online websites with her followers, too!  With that said, I want to give a big shout out to Ann Nyguen for always keeping her followers updated with fashion, trends, music and etc. 
A few days ago, she posted a style look of her own, which I completely fell in love with! This season, I am obsessed with asymmetrical cuts and her flowy white skirt that drapes oh-so graciously, just really caught my eyes & of course, her circle sunnies, too! I love how her outfit is kept simple and classy, with earthy tone  monochromatic colour pallet and adds a  touch of neon pink lipstick to complement the heels of her shoes! 
This outfit of her, I absolutely adore.

Photos via: Rouge Fox

Monday, May 9, 2011

Blog Feature: Miss Davee Ek,

Tonights post, I want to feature the beautiful Fashionista, Miss Davee Ek, public relations director of Secrets Fashion Agency.  I can't help but just ADORE not just only her NEW photos of  "What She Wore" but ALL of them. Never does she ever fail to impress me with her mix-match type of style; colours, prints, masculine and feminine - she does a hell of an amazing job at it! Gotta love her for that! :) 


What Davee Wore: Sheer open back shirt/dress: Rachel by Rachel Roy, Belt: h&m, Wedges: Vera Wang Lavender Label, Carryall in large: AA, Necklace: F21, Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson

Support & Follow :)

Melinda Guajardo, Creative Director of Secrets Fashion Agency, finally has her own blog up: Style Slore, in which she shares her wonderful talents!  Be sure to check it out, show some love, and support! Not only does Guajardo have one creative eye, it is no doubt she is born with creative EYES! :) 

Living by this quote:

“Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.”
- Lady Gaga

Big Headbands, Big Bows ♥

I’ve always been obsessed with headbands…especially BIG ones and these bows shown here in this photo…oohhh i’m totally obsessing over it! They are so darn cute and i’m on a mission for a BIG bow headband! :)

Spikes & Mini Pom-Pom balls

LOVE this! Gonna have to dig through my basket full of clothes for old pairs of jeans because i'm feeling inspired! ;) 
Love the spikes and i'm I absolutely adore the mini pom-pom balls on the hem of the shorts.

Tribal obsessed.

I’m obsessed with this tribal looking top. The muted colours I must say, are beautiful. Time for me to some thrift shoppinggggg - haven’t done that in awhile…