Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A brother's love.

"Sometimes we allow our emotions to get the best of us and cloud our judgement. But nobody is perfect right? All I can do when I stumble is get up and keep moving forward. For there is a bigger picture out there that needs me to fill.
You can say my ways has been repent.
I have been doing a lot of soul searching and reflecting on my life -- putting things in perspective.
As I go through this transition all over again, which this time has really impacted me to the core,
I realize it's time to take life seriously and stop playing with life and play my position as I can hear God calling me.
Signifying this as my last chance. . . I believe this is God's doing of making me come to realization of seeing life's significance.

They say there comes a time in every individual where he/she will have to face some bad before he/she can see the goodness.
I know what I have to do.
Now, it's just getting out to the world and apply it.
For life is short and it's hard. So, we have to live to our full capacity and do the best we can in prospering.

As I emphasize on my life, i have formulated and established a plan of stability and reassurance,
So, that i may not return to this place.
They consist of a chain of thoughts to good deeds...
Preparation is everything; you take three steps forward and two steps back,
that way you stay one step ahead of yourself at all times.
Know this -- no matter where we are in life, we're always on stage performing, and there's a ladder that we have to keep on climbing."


"Knowledge is like an addiction; It has greatly enhanced my desire to keep learning.
And to know that -- it's a GREAT feelings. These are standards I have to uphold."


"We will run into problems in life, but that's God's way of helping us take responsibility and to build good character. We all have to live right, but we need to live smart then we will face less problems.
So make sure your choices and decisions are well deliberated."


"It's so easy to lost everything in a blink of an eye, and I took life for granted. "Everything in general."
But I learned that no matter how far you go down the wrong path. . . you can always turn back around."


"There's always a time to give and a time to take.
You just got to know when.
But as we live, we learn. Especially towards the one we you love." - Action Speaks louder than words.


"Money ain't easy to come around.
Only we can make it better for ourselves.
We have to keep searching and reaching for what we want. To never give up, and appreciate
what we already have and eventually, the puzzle will connect itself."


Don't ever sacrifice your morales and sell yourself short.
The reason for failure is people quit before they time.
Always be patient, stay hungry and stay humble.
Life is no game. Live every minute like its the last.
Live for the purpose of it; for what it is.

Yup, all of those were from my older brother. He's my motivator and the one continues to inspire. haven't seen that nigga in almost 5 years :/ A wise man, he really is. <3

Friday, December 11, 2009

Don't Let Me Fall.









Meet my lover boy ♥ =)


Routine cycles in life are difficult to change. The familiar doesn’t escape with ease, it takes time; it takes effort. However, it is possible.

Change has always been a keystone in my life. Whenever there was a situation, changing was the easiest way to ‘fix’ things… but now when the situation seriously calls for change, I found it difficult to commit.

In times of need, people usually rise to the occasion, I seem to second guess it. It’s time to stand for what I want; for what I need and that starts today.
Sometimes, we just have to let things go and that’s what I’m doing. I’m letting go of the past for hopes of a better future.

Mary Vang

Danny Roberts


Danny Roberts; Truly a talented and amazing artist. His illustrations are jaw-dropping. I love every piece of his work and he always seizes to amaze me! The colours are extravagant and elegantly catching! You can order is illustrations on Etsy. Believe me, they are super affordable! :)


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh my beautiful, lost, shawl.

I was looking through my old photos and i came across these old photos of myself. I remember this shawl scarf. It was beautiful, and god did it kept me warm! I miss it now. It was like my blanket and i was able to pull it off in multiple ways. I don't know where it is now, which is total bummer! ) : Well, where it maybe....may you rest in peace. or if someone found you, i hope that you are happy, my beautiful, lost, shawl <3


One day it will be here.

The future is unknown to the mortals, but not totally unreachable - one day, it will be here.


I haven't listend to "The Moldy Peaches" in soooo long. I remember back in the 8th grade, i was super obsessed with them. I don't know why. I guess i was just huge indie-rock lover. Music to me was all about indie, rock and alternative music back in the days. One of my favorite songs by "The Moldy Peaches" is called 'Nothing Came Out'. It soothes me. And right now, i'm listening to it. Makes me think a lot.
Here's a youtube clip of the musica. I hope you enjoy it.

Just because I don't say anything,
Doesn't mean I don't like you.
I open my mouth and I try and i try
But no words came out.

Without 40 oz. of social skills
I'm just an ass in the crack of humanity.
I'm just a huge manitee.
A huge manitee.

And besides you're probably holding hands
With some skinny, pretty girl that likes to
Talk about bands and
All I wana do is ride bikes with you
And stay up late and watch cartoons.

Duck Tales, shirt tails, Talespin, Sailor Moon, GI Joe, Robotech, Ron Jeremy, Schmoo.

I wanna watch cartons with you.
Josie and the Pussycats and Scooby Do,
I want you to watch cartoons with me.
He-man, Voltron and Hong-Kong-Fui

I tried to ask you to your face
But no words came out.
I put on my hood and walked away,
That doosn't mean I don't like you.

And besides your probably holding hands
With some skinny, pretty girl that likes to
Talk about bands and
All I wanna do is ride bikes with you,
And stay up late and maybe spoon.

Just becase I dont say anything
Doesn't mean I dont like you.
I opened my mouth and i tried and i tried.

And besides you're probably holding hands
With some skiny, pretty girl that likes to
Talk about bands and
All I wanna do is ride bikes with you.
And stay up late and watch cartoons.

I'm just your average Thundercats ho.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Eddie's 22nd Bday Celebration

Everything was completely last minute, but in the end, it turned out to be a great success! Just wanna give a big THANK YOU to everyone who came out and supported! It was crazyyyy and hopefully everyone had a lot of fun!


Monday, December 7, 2009


sorry i've been MIA. i'm busy, busy, busyyyyyyy !! will update new posts SOON! =]

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Dressing

Thanksgiving is a Holiday that doesn’t necessarily require cocktail attire. The dress code is typically casual, but most of us would still like to feel slightly dressed up for the special day. If your agenda includes watching football and eating large portions, I would recommend dressing for comfort. Comfortable can still be chic. Pair your favorite jeans with a cozy cardigan. Add a necklace for a dressed up touch. Typically at events such as this, you will be sans shoes – so remember to wear socks that match your outfit. If you feel the need for sparkle – you go girl! Keep it subtle and add shine with scarf or with hair jewelry. With this look, keep the bottoms casual, denim preferably. If your comfort zone includes dresses, try a casual wrap dress paired with tights or leggings. Use accessories to jazz up your Thanksgiving style, rhinestone details on a necklace, drop earrings or a sweet hair band. Special details such as these show the care you took in selecting your Holiday outfit, yet they keep your statement subtle. Save the classic dress up for Christmas and the bling for New Years! You never know when your assistance may be required in the kitchen. You would never forgive yourself if your silk Marc Jacobs acquired a gravy stain. Happy Shopping, Ladies!

Thanksgiving Day.

I absolutely love this holiday! Family, friends, loved ones, great food, but especially a day to show the people around you and in your life that you are thankful and appreciate them. It's ever so often that you show some someone that, so make this day count, and don't take things for granted. It's a day to be happy!

Aside from that, I am still in Minnesota. Was suppose to go to Madison, WI for the holiday, but plans changed, and now my family is coming up here to spend the holiday. I'm so excited to see them! I miss them so much! <3

I want to thank God for giving me such marvelous individuals in my life, and giving me such a wonderful, loving family! I want to thank all the people who have made grow and made stronger, as well as made me who I am to do. I'm thankful for all the up's and down's and i don't regret one bit of it.

Hmmm, anyways.... I will not be typing much, because i'm so busy due to cooking and all...so this will just be a short blog.

Can't wait to eat the delicious food today! I'm not a big fan of Turkey, but whatever.... i'll probably end up eating a little of it, if it looks good. Lol. Well good day everyone and have a blessed day!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Reality Check

People said i've changed so much.
Well here's the honest truth -- i grew up.
I stopped letting people push me around.
I learned that you can't always be happy.
I accepted reality.

Friday, November 20, 2009

10AM Homework & New Moon.

11:26PM - I am home now and just got back from watching NEW MOON. I would have to say that I was completely not entertained very much, except the scene where Jacob took off his shirt and his super hot body was right there in front of the camera! Haha. But yeah, it could've been better, honestly. I thought the movie was just super slow and totally dragging. Like, what the was the point of the movie anyways?! There was hardly any action. The only good parts of the movie was where they showed Jacob and the wolves, other than that, it was just plain boring and a total disappointment.
But Bella did get prettier, and the acting skills for her and Edward did get a lot better. The most cheesiest, corniest part was Alice imagined Bella as a vampire and she and Edward were running in the woods. It was funny because the way they ran was like a Bay-watch slow motion kinda thing. Lmfao.
Well, I cannot wait to see Eclipse, which will be out on June 30, 2010. I will not tell you guys what happened at the last scene! Eclipse better not disappoint me. (:

It is 4:00PM, been working on homework, specifically my Fashion Influence Paper on Renaissance Period. I started on it ever since 10AM and gosh, I am sooooooooooo tireeedddd!! Eddie just called 10 minutes ago, and he's going to come pick me up to go spend time with him. (=
I miss him, and I could use some time out.

When he called me, he said. "Baby, i love you so much. I'm taking you to go watch NEW MOON tonight!"
I was suuuuperrrr exciteddddd!!! Supposedly, he didn't want to watch it nor take me, but i guess he changed his mind. I hope tickets will still be available, because i know this weekend is going to be CRAZY at the Movie Theatres!
Once I get back, i will let you all know how the movie went. Of course i am not going to tell you every detail, nor am i going to spill it for you! haha. I'll just tell you whether if it was good or bad. Deal? DEAL. =]

Bye Bye now!

R.I.P Daul Kim <3

So today, i have just been informed that Korean native, Daul Kim committed suicide. I several posts that she hunged herself at her Paris Apartment and was found by her friend.
I loved Daul Kim.
She was a beautiful model.
Not many Asian girls are found in the modeling industry, especially Top model.
It's a sad day for a lot of people. May you, Dual Kim, Rest in Peace. I know you found your comfort zone.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Girls Night Out

 12:44 AM -- Back from Stargate. It was nice too see everyone again :) It has been awhile. The Flyboys and Syant came out. Padee ended up coming too =] The music was pretty aight. They played a lot of old tracks, but they were good tracks that you could dance and party too, Lol. The girls and I took photos, but i'm waiting on them to upload so that i could steal them, and then i will post them up :) Well, that's just a quick update. Toodles!

6:58 PM -- Tonight is going to be a girls night out. Wow, for the first time in a long time, i'll be going out with Eddie. Haha. Jenni, Kim & I have been texting back & forth with each other about going to Stargate tonight, plan came to a conclusion and we will be going out! I miss those two girls, they're my partners in crime. Lol. Padee might come out with us as well, but she is still debating. So we'll see what happens with her. She never texts be back either, haha. But it's all good i guess. Umm, hoping for it to be a good night tonight though, i mean it should, since it is Me, Jenni & Kim! Lol =) Okay, well i'm going to finish reading for Fashion History real quick, and then probably look for an outfit and get ready. Jenni gets off today at 9:30PM. Then we're going to head off to St. Paul. If someone brings a camera, i will post pictures up! Til then, i'll vlog in laterrrr.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I haven't been feeling the greatest; some days i'm up, and some days i'm down. I've been tired. I've been annoyed and disappointed in people's stupid, irrational ways, and school stress just keeps building up. I've also been pretty broke, dependent on others, and i absolutely hate it. I miss seeing some people. They're the one's who makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face. I definitely need some sunshine. Life doesn't suck, no it doesn't. I believe i'm leading myself a pretty good life. I guess I just been feeling pretty bi-polar, that's all, or idk.

I hate people's stupid lies. I hate it how people cannot change for the better. I hate how people do stupid ass things. I hate how people have no respect for themselves! I hate how people can get sooo annoying to the point you tell them things and they're still the fucking same. I hate how people yell at you when they misunderstand you for your tone of voice. I just hate, i just hate, and i can't even say anymore, b/c i'm slowly calming down. . . and my head has too much shit going, that i can't even grasp all of them to type them down. Now i may be sounding like a hypocrite, so don't get all offensive on me, b/c i know. Anyways, I cannot wait for winter break, so i can relax. I really need a breather, like. . . NOW. But hmm, i guess i'm done for now. yup.

Peace, birds & bees.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Routine cycles in life are difficult to change. The familiar doesn’t escape with ease, it takes time; it takes effort. However, it is possible.

Change has always been a keystone in my life. Whenever there was a situation, changing was the easiest way to ‘fix’ things… but now when the situation seriously calls for change, I found it difficult to commit.

In times of need, people usually rise to the occasion, I seem to second guess it. It’s time to stand for what I want; for what I need and that starts today.
Sometimes, we just have to let things go and that’s what I’m doing. I’m letting go of the past for hopes of a better future.

Mary Vang

Monday, November 16, 2009

Let me Vlog.

What to write. What to share. Gather my thoughts. Put the words together. Put the sentences together. Create a story out of the words and the sentences. Or write an allegory. Or maybe a poem.

The thing is; I am so bored, so busy and empty that none of my stories are close to be put in words. I could tell you about the places I have traveled to. I could tell you about all the places I have ran away to. I could tell you about the endless green fields and the villages in little town Menomonie. I have been dreaming about for ages. I could tell you about the beauty that lies in between the opposites that/who never meet. I could tell you about ice cream breaks. I could tell you about my friend who had an emotional breakdown the other day and ended up doing an oil painting of me. I could tell you about how much it made me miss him. I could tell you about the abounded, silent island. I could tell you about happiness. I could tell you about misunderstandings. I could tell you about evening sun. I could tell you I am amazed by the way Siri Hustvedt manages to put everything in words, even the things you did not know you thought about. I could tell you about how it feels like crossing the highway, just to get to the other side. I could tell you about about crawling over and under barbed wires. I could tell you about how it feels like being chased my cops. I could tell you how it felt like being suspended. I could tell you how it felt like being in court. I could tell you that we all should be handed with road maps and time schedules, just so we don’t get caught by fate on our way. I could tell you how much I cried seeing my brother get taken away after being tricked my cops. I could tell you how good it feels it sit in a park listening to the sound of a city. I could tell you how to smile when you're at your worst. I could tell you about love and falling in love.I could tell you that I need something to ease me through the minefield of becoming too cynical. I could tell you how gullible I am. I could tell you about my friends who already thinks i'm too gullible.

I would tell you about the strange, little things that have happened lately if I only knew how.

Well, what do you know, I did manage to write something after all. Better than nothing, I would say.

Hello! I'm Blogging again.

I have created so many blogs on blogspot but always forgot my username/email and password! I have been meaning to vlog, but just been so busy with life. However, I getting back into my vlog mood and decided to re-create a blogspot so i can vlog. This time around, I am going to keep at it! I am super excited to start getting this vlog of mine back into mode, so hopefully I keep up with it! =)

Well, that is it for now. I will surely post up more! Hellogoodbye! :D