Wednesday, August 31, 2011


As all you Fashionista and Fashinisto lovers should already know - the King of Fashion design, Karl
Largerfeld, debuted his Capsule collection today in Macy’s stores. Before heading to my meeting with Director, Angel Yang, of SECRETS FASHION AGENCY, I quickly went to go check out the collection to see it up-close, and of course, to purchase the tank that features Karl Lagerfeld's visage. 
Normally, I shop on the sale and clearance racks, but this was probably the most I spent on tank-top, or in other words, just any item clothing! Of course, I have absolutely NO REGRETS. Who can say no this? As you already know...NOT I =) 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Cheetah Print Wedges by Tinley Road

My loving Sister just order these printed Cheetah wedges for me! I’ve always wanted animal print shoes. Now i’ll finally have one all thanks to her! I can't wait til it arrives and for me to try it on and wear it out! 
Thanks to PIPERLIME for existing because I absolutely cannot get enough of their amazing shoes. <3 
So tell me what you think of it? YAY or NAY? I know of one comment Sister doesn't like it. Haha. 


Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Shoes

New shoes that I ordered from one of my favorite website Piperlime finally came in today! I'm so stoked to wear them out. Although they're a tad bit big on me I am not complaining because it still fits fine and I'm sure I'll be able to work with it :) I ordered a pair of Amy Cognac wedges and the Batista nude patent heels - i've always wanted nude heels and finally I have one to dress up with! I am so happy with my order, better yet, I got free shipping, too! Want to know what my total purchase was? $24.50! So basically, I got two pairs of shoes for the price of ONE! =)
Enjoy my photos, lovelies.

Wearing the Batista Nude Patent heels

Amy Cognac wedges 
Anddd my extremely MESSY bedroom; working homework, business, and playing dress-up! 

Thanks for checking out everyone! 
Have a wonderful day!! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Piece of Marc Jacobs


- I saw a few of his pieces from his Fall 2011 collection at Glamorama and this outfit was one of them. His collection from the event was definitely one me favorites, I have to say. I really adore the different use of fabrics and materials he implemented and the texture of them seemed very interesting. His Fall collection consists of bold statement colours; very muted and I like that. I believe those kind of colours are PERFECT for the Fall season.

PS: Polka dots are trending :)

Aztec LOVE

While killing time at school, I stumbled upon this amazing pair of wedges on Revolve Clothing. Don't you think this is a MUST-HAVE?! One of my favorite trends of all that I absolutely never can grow tired of is the AZTEC trend. If you know me, i'm a girl who loves anything that is printed, whether it is aztec (as said above), tribal, navajo, Ikat, florals, you name it. I love colours too, especially colors that makes a bold statement. Sadly, I don't have the budget to order these sweet babies, but maybe once it goes on sale (and i'm crossing my fingers that it won't be sold it). So tell me what you think? Do you love it or hate it? :) 

Have a nice one, lovelies! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hello my fellow readers,
Just wanted to update my blog since it has been long while that I did. I apologize for the lack of posts...but thank you all for baring with me and still supporting my blog. I truly appreciate it.
On August 5th, my team STYL and I got the opportunity to attend the MACY'S GLAMORAMA Dress Rehearsal; although we didn't attend the ACTUAL show, the rehearsal show was pretty much the same as the event. This year was is second year attending MACY'S GLAMORAMA and I was more thrilled than ever. There were a lot of beautiful fashion collections that I viewed, but honestly, I think I enjoyed the entertainment and fun a lot more. Far East Movement and Bruno Mars rehearsed wonderfully! It was a blast and I love how Bruno Mars was just so personal with the audience; he was a lot of fun to watch! Overall, I had a marvelous time there and I can't wait to for next year GLAMORAMA event. I apologize for keeping this short, but hope you all enjoy the photos. Sorry, they're not the best quality ;) Goodnight my lovelies.

xoxo, Maree

Invitations only! :)


STYL Director, Suzanne & I. 

Bruno Mars. 

Director, Suzanne Simmalavong, Me, & Felicia. 

STYL team: L-R -Project Director, Alyssa G., Director, Suzanne S., Creative Director, Mary V., Assistant to Director, Alex K. 


Friday, August 19, 2011

ProFASHIONal Tips From...

Thanks to REALITY CHIC BLOG, we got to hear a great interview as well as gain some great and insightful information from 20 year old,  Leigh Weingus, who is an Editorial Assistant for the teen bop magazine J-14. If being about a part of the [fashion] magazine industry is what you hope for, then we highly recommend you to definitely check out the interview that is on REALITY CHIC BLOG. This is one not to miss!

Name: Leigh Weingus
Job: Editorial Assistant for J-14
Industry: Fashion/Magazine Industry
Age: 20 Something
Twitter/Facebook: @lweingus
Websites: ;

Info/Photo via:

xoxo, Mary 

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I have an obsession for accessories but i'm really horrible with taking care of them! 
Anyways, while re-painting my nails, my friend caught a picture of my BIG statement rings. These are a few of my favorites that I like to wear...PS, I love the colours turquoise and coral ♥ 
Rings from: H&M, Charlotte Russe

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ProFASHIONal Tips from...

Project Runway season 8 winner, Gretchen Jones on REALITY CHIC BLOG. If you are an aspiring designer (fashion, accessory, jewellery), this interview is a must-read! Do check out the interview on Reality Chic's Blog, I promise you won't be disappointed ;)