Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Late Valentines Day Post.

This year in 2010, I had myself a pretty great and fun Valentines Day weekend. 
I know my post is exactly 3 days late, but I've hadn't been in the mood nor have I felt pretty motivated and inspired to blog. I'm sure you all know what I mean; you just gotta have that stimulus in order to do something. 
But anyways, back to the subject -- it was a fun-filled weekend spending time with loved ones and close friends. It was sort of like New Years Eve all over again, except most of my pals had a date or was with a significant other. 
On Friday the 12, my Love Eddie & I went to go watch 'Valentines Day.' It was a good and cute movie. I recommend you to watch it. It will make you laugh =) 
On Saturday, my buddies and I went out to a nightclub in downtown Minneapolis at Epic. It was a Valentines event and I had a good time, until around 12:30ish AM, for some reason(s), I totally knocked out, so we left. Lol. 
Lastly, on Sunday the 14th, I spent almost the whole day without Eddie, due to the fact that he was working from 8:30AM to 6:00PM. But after he got off work, he came to my house and I had taken some photos of it to share with you all, but sadly I am poor and cannot afford a camera at the moment. 
Anywho's, I forgot to make reservations and such, so we were looking for restaurants to go to. In the end, we headed out to Mt. Fuji; a Sushi, Steak & Grill restaurant. Our friends Jenni & Shina joined us out for dinner, so it made the night pretty fun :) 
Well, I hoped you enjoyed this short-um entry of mine and enjoy my photos too! 

Saturday Night the 13th. 

Sunday: Valentines Day

Thanks for viewing! =)


  1. hey maree.
    thanx for the comment.
    ya, taking pics with family is indeed fun!

    o btw love the valentines day pics.
    you look so pretty!


  2. really pretty pics, the v-day ones are so cute!!


    fall in love with a shooting star...

  3. nice pics. i love your blazer. i follow you, i hope you follow me tooo...kiss from germany ;*)

  4. so lovely!!


  5. love that jacket and lace top. mmm sushi :)



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