Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hair, I love you & I resist chopping you off. ( :

My hair is growingggg! Yey! It excites me knowing that my hair is growing and finally looks longer than ever. Fact is, I have never had long hair, and my hair has never been longer than how it looks like now. All my life, i've always had my hair pretty darn short. Another reason why, I get so excited is because my hair grows superrrr slow! For sure, you guys have no idea how long I have waited for my hair to grow out. Well let me tell ya' -- 3 to almost 4 years! Yesss! That's shiity huh? I don't know why, but it is what it is. Haha.
But these here are few photos taken a while back of me and long hair! :) My hair is actually a little bit longer now than how it is shown in the photos. 
Anywho's I know this is such a cheesy post, but eh -- I could care less! Haha. Enjoy! 

Good day now, Birds & Bees'.


  1. good to hear that your hair is growing !
    thanks much for the comments dear !
    visit - follow - comment me back at..
    glisters and blisters

  2. don't cut it! you look lovely with long hair and besides there's so much more you can do with long hair.

  3. hello girl, i went through your blog and i think you're so pretty <3
    thanks a bunch for the sweet comment you dropped!


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