Monday, March 29, 2010

OhEmGeee...Excited! Bring on the Drama!!

The City, baby

Soooo Excited for the new season! I've always loved Whitney. Watched her from 'The Hills' to the 'The City.' To be honest though, her first season of her show sucked balls. I was just sooooo BORING! But Her second season surely got more intense, and this season, looks even better! I cannot wait to see the drama, and see Olivia get bitched, lol. April 27 everyone! I'm keeping my eyes and ears open til that day comes =) 


  1. im very much excited for this :D :D
    thanks for the comment in my blog :D

  2. I hate to say it, but i loveeee olivia...i love her style. i'm sure she's not a bad person, mtv loves drama.

  3. El - Oh yeah, I don't doubt at all she's a good person. And I agree about her good style; i love it too. However, I think she does get a little too cocky & over-confident about her work skills and what she "knows" . . . she sorta seems very inconsistent & unprofessional about her job duties...I can only judge that far, from what i've seen.

    I love the bitches in any reality show; it makes it entertaining and interesting.


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