Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'll always be a Country girl at heart :)

""  Sometimes you just have to
Let yourself go and find a way to lend yourself to others so that you can Look inside yourself. When Life gets tough,and you LAUGH at yourself while Learning to LOVE yourself because you still have to LIVE with yourself."

Here's me again. 
Been at school the whole from 10:30AM to 5:30PM. I hate my school schedule and my classes are interesting as they are boring. I am oh so very tired. Like, VERY tired. Came home and promised myself that I will be productive to finish my math homework, and then to start on my Environmental Science homework, and then, hopefully to jump ahead on my student review for Fashion History 2. Well, what do you know...EPIC FAIL. Didn't have the motivation to get anything done. I decided to take some new photos today, just because. It wasn't until 9:30ish PM I decided to get my focus on. I got 6 out 10 questions done. Yay. The rest, I will probably do tomorrow and have the Love help me with it, since he is such a math-whiz, and I absolutely LOVE him for that! =) 
I looked like a hick today though. Is there anything wrong with that? I grew up in the country, and i've always had a fetish for plaid/flannel buttoned up shirt. The one i'm wearing is pretty vintage, and the buttons are loose, hence the fact that some already came off. But it makes me miss home ♥ I miss my dogs and my puppies, as well. I definitely miss the peace and sound of neighborhoods. Here in MN is so loud. Especially, when i'm in Minneapolis, all you hear is sirens of police cars and ambulances! It's so annoying. Aside from that, I love the big city. BUT, nothing can never replace home, because home is where the heart is, that's for sure. 
If I were to choose any feature that I love, that would have to be my LIPS. Yep, thanks to my beautiful Mom ♥


  1. aw, i totally hear you on the school schedule. mine used to be so hectic and i always missed everything back home. hope everything will get better!

  2. Thanksss! It's nice to hear from someone who went through something similar as I :) I'm pretty sure it will. =]

  3. aww.. cute pictures! =)

  4. you know because you change the name of your blog, it wont send me updates anymore :(!

  5. Yeah, I'm never satisfied. But this one is a keeper. Lol. My baads.

  6. your lips are gorgeous..

    so is your nose LOL

    you're just soo pretty mary!!

  7. Lol. You're so funny, Kells.
    Thanksss ;)


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