Friday, July 23, 2010

Interview Magazine: Megan Fox.

 I finally looked into checking out the magazine and what it features. I enjoy reading and browsing though it. It has a lot of pictures which I like, because usually, I don't really read the text in magazine. I'm always flipping through the pages and looking at pictures. But the magazine has some good stuff. I'm considering if I should subscribe to it, but then again, I'm already subscribed to Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Nylon & W magazines and the sad thing is, I hardly read and touch them. I browse through the magazine and then I don't ever read or touch it again. I'm just soooo busy that I don't have the time. My basket where I keep my magazines is looked overflowed and I keep needing to get more to stock them. I'm sooo wasting my money though. But we will seee. 
What actually caught my attention to open up Interview Magazine is Megan Fox. I'm not the biggest fan of her, but I honestly could not stop staring at the photos of her and her self-mannequin that the directors of Interview Magazine provided for her as her photoshoot prop. I think she looks remarkably gorgeous! It was an interesting shoot, and for some reason, I always like to read about her. Maybe it's because I don't know her as much. And I mean "know" as in read, hear, see her very much in the media. She sure knows how to keep her distance from Hollywood scene. She seems like a very grounded person, which I like.
Though I think it might be sort of creepy having a mannequin that looks just like you, I think it'd be cool to have one of my own, someday. I want a younger version of me, that way, when I grow old, I can look back at myself on a Mannequin and not just through old photos. ;)


  1. wow, i can't even recognize her. i love it, even though i'm not a huge fan of hers either. yeah it would be pretty awesome to have a mannequin that looks like you :)

    cute blog btw

  2. Haha I subscribe to a lot of magazines also, and when they arrive at my house I just put them all away in a corner hoping one day I'll be bored enough to look through all of them! I would've never guessed that was Megan Fox in those photos though, she looks so different but amazing!

  3. i almost did not recognize megan with that hair! she's absolutely beautiful and her photoshoots always amaze me. =D and i love love reading the articles in magazines! lol

  4. Thanks Christine!

    And Meghan looks so much older and sophisticated. i love her photoshoot though! ;)


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