Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hello my fellow readers,
Just wanted to update my blog since it has been long while that I did. I apologize for the lack of posts...but thank you all for baring with me and still supporting my blog. I truly appreciate it.
On August 5th, my team STYL and I got the opportunity to attend the MACY'S GLAMORAMA Dress Rehearsal; although we didn't attend the ACTUAL show, the rehearsal show was pretty much the same as the event. This year was is second year attending MACY'S GLAMORAMA and I was more thrilled than ever. There were a lot of beautiful fashion collections that I viewed, but honestly, I think I enjoyed the entertainment and fun a lot more. Far East Movement and Bruno Mars rehearsed wonderfully! It was a blast and I love how Bruno Mars was just so personal with the audience; he was a lot of fun to watch! Overall, I had a marvelous time there and I can't wait to for next year GLAMORAMA event. I apologize for keeping this short, but hope you all enjoy the photos. Sorry, they're not the best quality ;) Goodnight my lovelies.

xoxo, Maree

Invitations only! :)


STYL Director, Suzanne & I. 

Bruno Mars. 

Director, Suzanne Simmalavong, Me, & Felicia. 

STYL team: L-R -Project Director, Alyssa G., Director, Suzanne S., Creative Director, Mary V., Assistant to Director, Alex K. 



  1. Mary! It sounds like you are having fun as usual.
    I just wanted to say hi and I hope you got my message on tumblr! BUT! I was checking out your blog, I haven't been on it in forever. I love your shoes.

  2. hey! sorry, i haven't had time to message any one back. will do so right now! :)
    and yes, life has been a great joy ride :)


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