Sunday, December 12, 2010

Best of Comfort Food :)

So I live in Minnesota, and for those who are not familiar with where the state is, it is located in the northern central part of the United States. Our neighboring states are Wisconsin, North & South Dakota and I might be missing another one. Anyways, being in the location that we are, we're typically to experience snow and cold weather. Friday the 10th, was actually the first time of the winter season that we encountered such enormous snow and cold blizzard. I mean, it was sooo crazy that yesterday, NFL football team, Viking's Metrodome collapsed! Though I have lived in the central part of Minnesota my whole and have experience all four seasons, winter is just not my season to like. I absolutely hate the cold, cold, winter weather. Yeah, the snow is beautiful and whatnot, but pshh, I don't give a ratsass. I can't do shit in the cold and it makes me lazy, note on the side. I was completely locked in at home yesterday due to the massive snow storm, I mean it was just crazy and I haven't seen anything like this for as long as I could remember (I maybe exaggerating a little?) This cold weather just makes me have the biggest crave soup and coffee. I just want to be warm and be comfortable :) Today, was a very good day for me, because I had the greatest comforting food and drink and it just made my stomach oh so very satisfied.
This is what had:
Hmong Kapoon (aka rice curry noodles)
Andddd: Starbucks; Hazelnut Soy Latte, to be exact with Caramel Frappacinno on the side <3
 Today couldn't have been better :)

~ Maree

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