Sunday, December 12, 2010

Current Workplace

This is my current workplace. Possibly going to be a long night due to studying for my Final exam for Economics class. I have my candle lit, a bunch of my books there and since no caffeine aka coffee for tonight, Pop will do...I'm sooo not a pop person. Fact, I hardly ever drink pop. Maybe once in a LONGGG time, but other than that, no way. It's just not my thing. I am getting tired, being a bad girl by facebooking and blogging on my blogspot and tumblr. Have some Susie indie music playing on Pandora. It feels pretty great right now...except that i'm just cold. I really wish my bedroom was warmer. The heat in here sucks. I don't have myself a heater, so I have to double blanket myself for extra warmth, Lol. Anyways, just wanted to do a quick post up. ;)

~ Maree

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