Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Currently. . .

I am obsessed with the camel colour and the of course, THE COAT. It is indeed the one thing that is on my wishlist right now that I really, really, reallyyyy want, besides a new digital camera and a watch. 
So since I am not able to invest in one right now and hopefully soon I will, I decided to do some online browsing and create a fun collage for the motherfucking hell of it ;)

However, on the brighter side, I did order a new pair of heels designed by Hive & Honey from Piperlime.com; one of my favorite online shop & most of the time, I only buy items on sale or clearance, cause i'm cheap like that. As you can see, it is an almond coloured shoe with a strap that go behind the ankle, and has thick wooden clog heel, and is also open toed. What I love about this show is that it is simple, yet very very chic. You can absolutely wear this shoe day in or night out. Wear it socks, nylon/stockings, j/leggings, skinnys, short/long dresses & skirts. I say this shoe has a lot of versatility & I cannot wait til I get this!! 


  1. I'm obsessed with camel right now as well, I LOVE all the looks in these pictures and those shoes are gorgeous!

  2. I knowww. Tell me about it! I'm trying to find a good deal for a camel caot, but at the same time, i've been lazy on shopping, lol.
    I just finally wore my new shoes today and it was fab and so comfortable!!

    Thank you, Anne. <3

    xoxo Maree

  3. i LOVE camel coats as well!!! I'm currently searching high & low for the perfect one :)

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  4. Same here. My store just received one at my store, but i'm too broke to afford at the moment. :/

  5. i honestly think the color camel is just another trend that will soon fade (and is fading)~~the camel trend has been in high gear since mid july/august~~

  6. I too love camel coats! I'm still on the hunt for the perfect trench coat!!



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