Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Face Mask

Sorry for my lack of blogging my fellow bloggers. It's fall and i'm surprised the fact that I haven't been star strucked or inspired lately....kind of makes me sad. But what I have to blog about now is something that really caught my attention. (: 
Tyra Banks, whom always shines and always looks like a million bucks, especially her dressed in this encrusted diamond strapless black gown, flaunting along a black mesh fishnet face mask for the Paris Vogue masked ball. I saw this on the news and it totally caught my attention. I 'm sure that there are individuals out there who may think that what Tyra pulled off was absolutely weird or possibly even, hideous? But, I personally, LOVED it on her. She just has the perfect shape of a  head for it. ;-)
This is something I would attempt to try on, but maybe not to wear for a day & night out. Possibly Halloween, I'll pull a face mask off, eh? 
I remembered back in 2006 Viktor & Rolf had all their models strut down the runway with basket-weave fencing masks. Obviously, it wasn't a "caught-on" trend accessory at all. Perhaps, this may be the inspiration that Tyra got it from, hmm....? 


  1. Tyra looks so good!

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  2. LOVE Tyra!! she looked amazing =]


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