Friday, November 20, 2009

10AM Homework & New Moon.

11:26PM - I am home now and just got back from watching NEW MOON. I would have to say that I was completely not entertained very much, except the scene where Jacob took off his shirt and his super hot body was right there in front of the camera! Haha. But yeah, it could've been better, honestly. I thought the movie was just super slow and totally dragging. Like, what the was the point of the movie anyways?! There was hardly any action. The only good parts of the movie was where they showed Jacob and the wolves, other than that, it was just plain boring and a total disappointment.
But Bella did get prettier, and the acting skills for her and Edward did get a lot better. The most cheesiest, corniest part was Alice imagined Bella as a vampire and she and Edward were running in the woods. It was funny because the way they ran was like a Bay-watch slow motion kinda thing. Lmfao.
Well, I cannot wait to see Eclipse, which will be out on June 30, 2010. I will not tell you guys what happened at the last scene! Eclipse better not disappoint me. (:

It is 4:00PM, been working on homework, specifically my Fashion Influence Paper on Renaissance Period. I started on it ever since 10AM and gosh, I am sooooooooooo tireeedddd!! Eddie just called 10 minutes ago, and he's going to come pick me up to go spend time with him. (=
I miss him, and I could use some time out.

When he called me, he said. "Baby, i love you so much. I'm taking you to go watch NEW MOON tonight!"
I was suuuuperrrr exciteddddd!!! Supposedly, he didn't want to watch it nor take me, but i guess he changed his mind. I hope tickets will still be available, because i know this weekend is going to be CRAZY at the Movie Theatres!
Once I get back, i will let you all know how the movie went. Of course i am not going to tell you every detail, nor am i going to spill it for you! haha. I'll just tell you whether if it was good or bad. Deal? DEAL. =]

Bye Bye now!

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