Thursday, November 19, 2009

Girls Night Out

 12:44 AM -- Back from Stargate. It was nice too see everyone again :) It has been awhile. The Flyboys and Syant came out. Padee ended up coming too =] The music was pretty aight. They played a lot of old tracks, but they were good tracks that you could dance and party too, Lol. The girls and I took photos, but i'm waiting on them to upload so that i could steal them, and then i will post them up :) Well, that's just a quick update. Toodles!

6:58 PM -- Tonight is going to be a girls night out. Wow, for the first time in a long time, i'll be going out with Eddie. Haha. Jenni, Kim & I have been texting back & forth with each other about going to Stargate tonight, plan came to a conclusion and we will be going out! I miss those two girls, they're my partners in crime. Lol. Padee might come out with us as well, but she is still debating. So we'll see what happens with her. She never texts be back either, haha. But it's all good i guess. Umm, hoping for it to be a good night tonight though, i mean it should, since it is Me, Jenni & Kim! Lol =) Okay, well i'm going to finish reading for Fashion History real quick, and then probably look for an outfit and get ready. Jenni gets off today at 9:30PM. Then we're going to head off to St. Paul. If someone brings a camera, i will post pictures up! Til then, i'll vlog in laterrrr.

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