Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Dressing

Thanksgiving is a Holiday that doesn’t necessarily require cocktail attire. The dress code is typically casual, but most of us would still like to feel slightly dressed up for the special day. If your agenda includes watching football and eating large portions, I would recommend dressing for comfort. Comfortable can still be chic. Pair your favorite jeans with a cozy cardigan. Add a necklace for a dressed up touch. Typically at events such as this, you will be sans shoes – so remember to wear socks that match your outfit. If you feel the need for sparkle – you go girl! Keep it subtle and add shine with scarf or with hair jewelry. With this look, keep the bottoms casual, denim preferably. If your comfort zone includes dresses, try a casual wrap dress paired with tights or leggings. Use accessories to jazz up your Thanksgiving style, rhinestone details on a necklace, drop earrings or a sweet hair band. Special details such as these show the care you took in selecting your Holiday outfit, yet they keep your statement subtle. Save the classic dress up for Christmas and the bling for New Years! You never know when your assistance may be required in the kitchen. You would never forgive yourself if your silk Marc Jacobs acquired a gravy stain. Happy Shopping, Ladies!

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