Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I haven't been feeling the greatest; some days i'm up, and some days i'm down. I've been tired. I've been annoyed and disappointed in people's stupid, irrational ways, and school stress just keeps building up. I've also been pretty broke, dependent on others, and i absolutely hate it. I miss seeing some people. They're the one's who makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face. I definitely need some sunshine. Life doesn't suck, no it doesn't. I believe i'm leading myself a pretty good life. I guess I just been feeling pretty bi-polar, that's all, or idk.

I hate people's stupid lies. I hate it how people cannot change for the better. I hate how people do stupid ass things. I hate how people have no respect for themselves! I hate how people can get sooo annoying to the point you tell them things and they're still the fucking same. I hate how people yell at you when they misunderstand you for your tone of voice. I just hate, i just hate, and i can't even say anymore, b/c i'm slowly calming down. . . and my head has too much shit going, that i can't even grasp all of them to type them down. Now i may be sounding like a hypocrite, so don't get all offensive on me, b/c i know. Anyways, I cannot wait for winter break, so i can relax. I really need a breather, like. . . NOW. But hmm, i guess i'm done for now. yup.

Peace, birds & bees.

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